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Vote For Class on Friday

Please vote to either:

(a) Have me record a podcast lecture which you will download and listen to along with the powerpoint file, and we will have a regular discussion of “All Quiet on the Western Front” on Friday or

(b) Have lecture on Friday and minimal discussion of the book; I will email my comments.


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Liechtenstein, Andorra Forced to Fight

So this is from the Onion (the online humor magazine), but it’s very funny!

You can find it ••by clicking here.••

Here’s an excerpt:

Liechtenstein, Andorra Forced To Fight By Larger Countries
SEPTEMBER 11, 2009 | ISSUE 45•37

HELSINKI—Members of the Group of Eight, the forum for the world’s most powerful industrialized nations, held a special session Tuesday to discuss how best to prod the European microstates of Lichtenstein and Andorra into fighting.

Most of western Europe agrees the two nations seriously need to sack it up and brawl.

The G8’s proposal, which seeks to pit the small, landlocked principalities against each other in military combat, was reportedly drafted after the leaders of the eight nations had grown bored with their recent negotiations over international energy tariffs.

“After much careful deliberation, we have come to the consensus that the nations of Liechtenstein and Andorra need to just man up and fight, ” said U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown during an afternoon recess. “All of the bigger countries want them to, and everyone agrees at this point that it would be quite lame if they didn’t. Therefore, I would advise Liechtenstein and Andorra to grow some balls already and get on with it.”

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39 words that make a President

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1990 Cellphone Commercial

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Interview Fail

A very unusual interview of an alleged cyberstalker.

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Too big to fail? Nationalize

Skip ahead to 4 minutes, and watch for a few mintues after that for the most relevant part to our classroom discussions.

the entire video, however, is very interesting!

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Did You Know

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