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A Libertarian’s Dream

Pirates, Bankers and Libertarians
By Michael I. Niman, ArtVoice 4/16/09

For Ron Paul’s growing legion of dope-addled contradictarian libertarians, Somalia is like nirvana. There are no taxes. No public education. No national healthcare. No national debt. No labor laws. No environmental laws. No business regulations. No unions. No import or export restrictions. No meddlesome big government—or small government for that matter. And everyone smokes khat, which is a leafy plant that temporarily deludes its users into feeling as if their problems are gone.

Somalia, a country that hasn’t had an operating central government since 1991, is a libertarian Republican’s wet dream, where entrepreneurs can grow their businesses unfettered by laws and regulations.Out of this brave new old world of unbridled capitalism, 21st-century Blackbeards have emerged, shoeless gangstas doing it Somali style on the high seas, making monkeys out of the world’s richest states and most powerful navies. A Vanity Fair story about a hijacking of a French luxury cruise ship described those Somali pirates as being “scrawny” and “dressed in rags.”

One had his pistol tied to his trousers by a lanyard so he wouldn’t lose it if he dropped it, much like a parent tying mittens to a preschooler. Welcome to a wild, weird new century.


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