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’70s Cars We’d Just As Soon Forget | Autopia from Wired.com

Ah, the 1970s. A decade of excess mediocrity in so many quarters it’s hard to catalog it all. Disco. Fashion. Cars. Especially cars. Has there ever been a decade that’s given rise to so many lame cars?

Rising gas prices, tightening emissions and fuel economy regulations coupled with a stagnant economy — does any of that sound familiar? — led to what could be called the Automotive Dark Ages, or as our friends at Jalopnik call it, the Malaise Era. As the auto industry struggles for survival and attempts to shed its fuelish ways in favor of smaller, more fuel efficient/cleaner cars, let us hope it does not repeat the mistakes of the past.

We remembered just how bad those mistakes were when we came across the Mustang II while working on our Mustang anniversary piece. Cars of the ’70s tended to be underpowered and beset by driveability issues as automakers tried, and too often failed, to build smaller, more fuel efficient cars that didn’t pollute like a 19th century coal-fired factory. You know things are bad when the 1975 Chevrolet Corvette could muster just 165 horsepower with the base engine and a whopping 205 if you ordered the bigger mill.

So come with us, won’t you, as we take a look at some of the worst of the worst of an appalling decade. Feel free to suggest your own.

’70s Cars We’d Just As Soon Forget | Autopia from Wired.com

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