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Kristol’s Secret Plan to Support Obama

An excerpt from an interesting article:

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Talk about strange bedfellows. The neocon godfather, who started a new policy group, loves Obama’s plan for Afghanistan. He tells The Daily Beast why Obama is a Democrat he can get behind.

For those of you scoring at home, here’s who doesn’t like President Obama’s new Afghanistan strategy: John Murtha and Bill Ayers. Here’s who does: John McCain and Bill Kristol.

One place where President Obama has followed through on his post-partisan promise is foreign policy. With centrist national security Cabinet picks, he built on the success of the surge in Iraq and managed to depolarize the most divisive debate of our decade. Now he’s doubled down on Afghanistan, committing 21,000 new troops and extending the effort to Pakistan, all in an effort to root out al Qaeda and the resurgent Taliban. It’s a long-term commitment by a resolute new president that scrambles old political labels and brings a welcome bipartisan focus to the global conflict formerly known as “the war on terror.”

Read the rest here:
Kristol’s Secret Plan to Support Obama – The Daily Beast

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